Hi Friends!

It’s been a busy but energizing season for us here at Open Arms Toronto since Yura returned to Korea.

Yura’s last month in Toronto continued to be busy filled with classes specializing in English for Health Practitioners, private English tutoring sessions and a very special job-shadowing/observership experience.  ​​ ​​

A highlight for Yura was a unique opportunity at a community hospital where she job-shadowed a nurse, an emergency room physician and surgeons.  We are so thankful to Dr. Jeannie for spear-heading this incredible experience for Yura. ​​

Back in Korea, Yura has had many successes!  She has been advocating for Open Arms Toronto by presenting her experience to her peers at two Welfare Homes.  One of our Toronto team members was present at one of her presentations. Yura spoke about having a dream and a goal.  Her message was to own a dream which would motivate the students to work hard.  She said even if they don’t have a dream as yet, to work hard anyway because there will be a benefit for them in the end.  She gave these students a glimmer of hope that there can be something different and exciting awaiting them as they ready to leave their welfare homes. ​​

Yura secured housing in a Share House where she hopes her foreign room-mates will help her to continue with English language proficiency.  She has also landed a permanent job in a hospital which will start in the spring of 2020.  Until then, she has a part-time job working at a medical clinic.  We are so excited about Yura’s future prospects! ​​

We are so grateful for the support of the many kind and generous people who made all of this possible.  We are continuing our work here in Toronto and have since had our recap discussions and are making plans for next steps and what we can do to improve for the future.  ​ We are making a difference one child at a time! ​​