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South Korean orphans face a number of difficulties,  read some of the stories below.

South Korea set to reverse decades-old policy on international adoptions

Is South Korea ready to change international adoption policies? Read more

Alternate lives: Korean orphans’ quests for answers

Real stories about adoptees and orphans alike. Read more

The Invisibility of Homeless Youth

There are over 200,000 teen runaways in South Korea. Read more

Fulbright Forum – September 26, 2014 – Hollee McGinnis

Strengthening Adolescents’ Lives (삶): Mental Health and School Achievement among Youth in Child Welfare Facilities and Adoptive Families. Read more

New laws in South Korea, make it more difficult for adoption

As South Korea tighten adoption policies, more and more children are not being adopted. Read more

Life of Orphans as They Age-Out

A young adult’s journey from the welfare centre he calls home to independent living. These orphans are equipped with few life skills and training for the real world.  The original article was posted on a major newspaper in Korea.  Read more

The Struggle is Real

Sarah Koh of LifeTogether provides personal, active, long-term network of support for children in Korean welfare centres. She discusses the hardships of these orphans on her website.  Read more

 Orphans in Korea

This opinion piece which appeared in The Korea Times discusses how adoptions policies and legislation have increased the number of children living in child welfare centres.  Read more

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